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Diva Lustmond
CG illustration, concept art, stylist, digital art
Experience - 10 years

I didn't recognized graphic tablet for a long time, due to the fact that I don't like to terminate my usual circle, as in this case is a circle of traditional drawing methods. I was presented with a graphic tablet for my birthday and after some period, all has changed dramatically :) Not one year spent during selection of my own brushes, looking on wich one that would show my inside feelings, and I also looked for my own style. And when someone say that my artwork recognizable among others - my soul becomes happy. This is exactly what I tried to find for many long years :)

It can take a long time to tell you why I choose digital drawing, except I'd like to say that it's incredibly convenient to have such a lot of benefits and features in drawing. In a digital drawing I'm drawing for a long time, and I don't regret. I draw a lot, often and with pleasure :)

My artworks will inspire you and inspire your creative spirit, because here you'll see artworks of self-taught artist. I was able to do this - and so you can also do this. I wish you patience, perseverance and catch your own spark in your soul - it will lead your dream into reality.

Thank you for being with me, I'm very glad to your community :)

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